Prophetic Evangelism Chapter 1 – Preparation for Prophetic Evangelism

Early on, when I prepared to go out and do prophetic evangelism, I used to prepare myself in prayer. If you are a person who gets up and spends time with the Lord each morning in prayer or reading the Word of God, you already have the preparation to move in the prophetic.

As time goes on, as you move further and further in the prophetic, your daily life will be a preparation for the prophetic. But as you move out, if you start to move out in Request prophetic word evangelism, the more experience you get, the more the Lord will see that you’re prepared and you’re anointed each day to share the Gospel with strangers on the street, through prophetic evangelism.

First of all, prophetic evangelism is simply sharing Jesus’ love and Jesus’ message with people who aren’t saved. It’s using the gifts of prophecy, Word of Knowledge, and Word of Wisdom to share something of God’s heart for the people, and a message for the person, individual person, through the gifts of the prophetic. Preparation for that really comes down to the fact that you’ve got to have love for your fellow man. If you haven’t got love in your heart for your fellow man, you’ll have no defense against the fear of man that comes upon you when you’re given a prophetic word for a stranger.

Satan hates the prophetic and he hates people ministering in the prophetic to strangers. Therefore, the only combatant you have for that is your love for the stranger, the love of God in your heart. If you’re not a person full of love and compassion and you are not a person who’s outwardly loving to the broken man, to the common stranger, you need to do some work on your heart before you start to move in prophetic evangelism because Satan will throw up all sorts of road blocks when it comes to sharing the Gospel through the prophetic.

Satan just hates the Gospel being shared and so you need to prepare your heart, prepare your mind, and prepare your spirit to evangelize in this way. The Lord loves prophetic evangelism. He used it with the woman at the well in Samaria. He used it with Nathaniel saying, “I knew you were a man with no gall,” and, “there’s nothing wrong in this man’s spirit”, and “I knew you when you were sitting under the tree.” He used it with, Zacchaeus, who was up the tree and waiting to see Jesus, He called him by name. This would have been a surprise.

Jesus knows everybody by name. He knows every situation. He knows what people are going through, and trials, and the life that they’re living. He knows their problems and, therefore, He could have a message for everybody and an individual message for every one of comfort and direction. God is just looking for messengers. This is a good part of your preparation is to know that He would never have too little work for you to do for Him in the prophetic

You could never exhaust Him of messengers. You could go out and give a message every five minutes and go on for hours and hours and still there’d be more people that He could send you to. So, just be assured that prophetic evangelism is an exciting place to go. It’s an exciting way of life, certainly not for the faint-hearted. You’ll need in the beginning to prepare in prayer for God to lead you to the right people and you’ll have to prepare your heart in love to be able to defeat Satan, and defeat the fear of man that rises up in your heart when you’re given a prophetic word.

I’ve done thousands of prophetic words to total strangers and hit the nail on the head, hit their mark and yet still, fear rises in my heart that has to be overcome each time with the love shared abroad in my heart for the strangers through Christ. So, I hope that you’ve gathered what I’ve said here and I hope that you can continue in the Prophetic Evangelism series.

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