How to Get the Best Out of Your Eye Cream

The labels at the back of almost all eye creams have one thing in common, they promise you the best. They are the best in treating under eye bags, under eye wrinkles, baggy eyes, puffiness around the eyes, and many other skin problems. At some point, you are convinced, however, still leave some spaces for doubt. You watch their advertisements, some present before and after pictures, and more importantly, they feature your favorite movie stars, all with gorgeous skin that you too would like to have. And you tell yourself, if its good enough for her, why ever not me? So you go ahead and try it. You stay loyal to this eye cream, using it religiously, day and night. At times, you feel certain things you do not like about this anti wrinkle cream, but still, give it some more try. After a month, there are still no effects, but you go ahead and finish the tube or jar. When you’re finally done with it, you still see no results. You look at the movie star again, and think, maybe I’ve done something wrong. Well, at one point, maybe you just got hooked on their excellent marketing scheme. But, at another point, maybe you really did miss something! Maybe you just chose the wrong eye cream for your type of skin.

How do you get the best out of an eye cream Nu skin eye cream, or more importantly, on what could possibly be the best eye cream for your skin? Well, first things first, the identification of which is the former and the latter should be on the top of your list.

There are three general types of skin. These are: oily, normal, and dry, and another that is actually just the in-between of these three different types. Before even searching for an eye cream, you should first learn to identify what type of skin you have. Once you do, it’s time to move on to the second phase. The best eye cream.

As a general tip, it is usually suggested that people with oily to normal skin types use eye gels instead of eye creams. The reason for this is the excess oil that may be left on the surface of the skin if you use eye creams instead of gels. Eye Gels tend to be lighter, containing less oils than cream. When a certain amount of oil is left on the surface of the skin, it affects the other skin products you use on your skin like with concealers and foundation which would probably ball up or flake. For the same reason, those with dry to normal skin, depending on which side you would most likely belong, should use creams with more emulation, which would be effective for moisturizing the skin, and for you to attain the effects that you want.

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