Gothic Teen Costumes

Gothic Teen Costumes are popular…but when it comes to Teen Costumes, parents are usually at a loss for ideas. When they look at the popular trends, Many ask, “What is Gothic?”

The Gothic style in the current subculture usually features black or darkness, and when it comes to costumes it can be anything from vampires and witches to fallen angels and demons. Skulls are also common among Gothic fashion. You will see a skull purse as a teen costume accessory at many online costume sites.

Most teens can wear adult sized costumes; however, teens and adults are not the only one who can find Goth costumes, there are also some in childrens sizes.

For Teenage Girls

Many teenage girls love the Faces Skull costume which braid wig features a skull on the top and comes with a black mesh skirt, stripped leggings, fingerless gloves and a tiara. Very dark! Unhappily Everafter Tinkerspell costume is a dark, goth fairy and Tinkerspell even has a pair of shredded fairy wings. Besides this bad little Tinkerbell costume, there is another fun take on this dark style with the Malice In Wonderland costume, a take off on Alice in Wonderland and let’s not forget Little Dead Riding Hood!

Another favorite teens will also be thrilled with is the Elegant Witch costume. If they like Abby on the CBS series NCIS, they might be interested in the Gothic Girlie costume or the Goth Ann costume which are perfectly complemented by the Very Bat Braids wig or the Gothic Rag Doll wig. These popular costumes are also available in plus sizes, just take a look at the Evil Fairy Plus costume or the Gothic Maiden Plus.

For Teenage Boys

Without a doubt, teenage boys love the Hellraiser-Pinhead costume. They also might like the Deluxe Beast Wings and Chest Piece. Another style, The Gothic Priest costume, is also popular among teens as is the Executor costume and the Demon of War costume. The Sweeney Todd deluxe costume would fall into this popular teen genre, so would the Anarchist. To show how diverse a style this is, we can use the example of Rocky Horror Picture Show-Frank-N-Furter Costume. It’s extreme, but still a dark and moody costume.

For Couples

There are a variety of outfits for couples which teens love to wear to costume parties. They include the Prom King Zombie and the Zombie Prom Queen outfits which are a favorite. Everyone wants to be Prom King and Queen, don’t they? The Corpse Groom Barry D’Alive accompanied by the Corpse Bride costume or the Lady Nightshade, the Ghost Bride also looks cute for young couples. The black rose bouquet goes beautifully with either bride outfit.

Of course, the Gothic Vampire and Vampira goes excellent together as well. The Duke of Darkness costume accompanied by the Fallen Angel also makes a great combination for couples.

If the boy wants to be the Executor, a fitting couples costume idea for the girl would be the Prom Nightmare outfit which is covered with blood. Make sure you buy or make some stage blood. That will perfectly complement this costume look, just put the stage blood on the girl’s face and the Executor’s weapon.

For any of these costume choices you will need some makeup. Goth makeup is usually a little exaggerated and dark. Light powder for your face, but very dark eye makeup, lipstick and even black nail polish. It’s quite a dark look, but it will look great with the costume you choose. Take a look at the costumes and check out the way the models are made up to see how to apply your costume make up.

The variety of costumes in this style presents a wide array of choices from cutesy stuff all the way to the bloodsuckers and zombies. Each of these styles fit into gothic fashion which a favorite among teenagers.

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