Four Films That Empowered Me and the Story Behind a Film I Am Writing!

My life when I have a big name among men and I am well known as a Screenwriter and a co- director and preacher of the Gospel will make a very good story in film. Let’s have a glimpse at a few scenes of my life so far and set up the first fifteen minutes of my life’s story in film.

I was one day home from the hospital as a new born baby and my older brother seeing all the attention being taken away from him asked my mother. “Where did you get him?”

My Mother answered. “I got him at the hospital where he came out of mommy’s belly.”

My older brother answered quite quickly, “Take him back. I don’t want him.”

There were the words spoken by a child of 18 months of age where he began to beat me senseless for 8 years until the Christian faith came and visited his life and he stopped being an out of control little monster that my mother was ashamed of.

So can you see that first five minutes of that story in a film of my life?

Skip to age fourteen and see me in a church where a man preached on the life of Abraham the Father of the Muslims though his son Ishmael, the father of the Jews through his son Isaac, and the father of the Christian faith from a descendant of his half human, half God born of a virgin, Jesus Christ

Abraham’s claim to fame was it was said of him that he was a FRIEND of GOD

Well that sermon was very inspiring to a fourteen year old who spoke to Jesus back and forth in his head since he was 8 years of age, but didn’t have a clue about hearing from his Father God, much less had ever considered a mortal man could ever have written on his tombstone “Here lays a friend of God.”

I went home to my bedroom and I prayed to Jesus and said, “If that’s one thing I want out of life to have it is that, I want people to know I am a personal friend of your Fathers.”

Kids are simple things, so innocent so pure. Sometimes getting very close to God requires a lot of work and sometimes a lot of suffering. I had no idea what my request would require of me, I simply wanted the tombstone plaque and I wasn’t messing around!! lol

Around the same time I heard my preacher preach a sermon that said that King David was said to be a “Man after God’s own heart.” It was explained that God chose him out of hundreds of thousands of virile men, from a poor family and he was simply a shepherd who looked after sheep, but out of all the Jewish people at the time he was the one man who wanted his life to make God happy all the time.

So like the little faith filled boy I was I went home and prayed that I would one day have a heart like David that had no other interests then to make God happy with all I do. Little did I know that this would have me have to turn my back on EVERYTHING the world finds desirable in this life and have some of my most precious people in my life taken away from me since.

Then also we had this guy come and share his story of his life as a person before he met Jesus in a faith encounter and began his journey into knowing God, and then he shared some stuff that he had learned and shared some stuff he knew of Jesus personally.

Well every Sunday night the preacher at our church was open to people sharing their stories of what God had done in their life and was doing in their life and all I had ever heard was good stuff and happy sort of stuff. But this guy got up to a young innocent guy like me and told of a life addicted to heroin and boozing and a life of visiting prostitutes very often, and then living with a woman and all this very bad stuff that I had never heard in my life and never ever heard in a church. I found myself crying for some reason.

Then he shared how he came to believe Jesus and then went on to say some things Jesus had taught him, and then he went on to share some things he knew about Jesus that were not written in the Bible and it simply blew my mind how much more this guy knew of Jesus my own friend for 6 years then me. I was entranced. I wish I had a recording of that, Gee I would love to share that with you, it was so profound.

Well I went home and said to Jesus.

“Jesus I want to know you like this man knows you and to be able to speak about you like this man speaks of you. I want to know things about you that are not in any book and I want to be able to make people really want to know you more from sharing it.

And Jesus I am sick of all these happy Christian stories. I am sick of all the goody goody happy stories. I want a story that will be able to make people sit and take notice. Give me a bad story like this man’s story and then give me a good ending and a friendship with you like he has now.”

Well I am quite certain now if I knew what that prayer was really asking for God to do to me, or allow to happen to me, I would have never ever prayed it. But I prayed it.

Six months later I was molested on a beach by a child predator. And my whole faith and goody goody Christian life went to hell in a hand basket.

So now we are about fifteen minutes into the movie of my life, the next hour would cover 35 years of pain and suffering up till this age and the last fifteen minutes would cover my future when all my dreams and prayers have come true.

Today I am a friend of God and for no charge I bring messages to Christians from God via email, personal messages from God speaking to their life situations and their futures. Many people know the gifting of a clairvoyant and will spend say fifty dollars for an hour with one who hears from a spirit about their current life and their future, but few people who don’t Request personal prophecy attend a church know that prophecy can be a Godly thing and a modern Godly prophet can do the same thing like I do with God being the author of the words.

I am God’s friend and speak very often really encouraging words direct from God’s heart to a person that simply astounds them. FREE of charge.

And if you don’t go to church all I ask you to do if you read this and go to my site, is that you tell me you don’t go to church and ask some questions of God ( okay!!) and it’s free!!

And I am a man like David now and only do things in my life that I know please God. I still fall and do things wrong, but my whole life’s purpose is to bring a real God to real people and show his real love and answers to a dying world.

And the fame and success are coming as my third film is being written now by my pen and this is the first one I will be sending to a producer and in the meantime I am getting little fame in churches and on the Internet.

Your dreams can come true.

Okay let’s talk about a few films that had a real impact in my life.

A Beautiful mind:

As a person who has schizophrenia Russell Crowe brought this illness to the screen in an an Oscar nominated performance whose recent bad press in the USA probably cost him the brownie points with the voters. It is such and inspiring thing to be mentally ill to see a man come to grips with his illness and come out of the illness and come into healing and go on to win a Nobel peace prize. If you are mentally ill films like this one do you good even if you don’t experience the same hallucinations or symptoms of the film. Russell Crowe in the Romper Stomper, The Insider, A Beautiful mind and Cinderella man has really impressed me and as a man of only one wife and two little children he really impresses me as a person and as a fine actor.

You might want to know that we have a charity that serves a hot meal of exceptional quality restaurant food to the homeless in Sydney. It feeds up to 400 addicted and broken men each night 365 nights a year and has been doing so out of two vans for six years. The businessman who started it has spent over two million dollars of his own money on the food and now operates two fine dining restaurants solely to raise money for the homeless men he feeds. Russell did a charity concert with his band and addressed a function for this charity and his presence led to over $1.5 million dollars being raised. That’s a lot of $5.00 meals one night of his time bought for the poor of my city.

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