Beautiful Bathrooms For Your Beautiful Home

The bathroom is the one place where you can retreat to, away from the hustle and bustle of fast, hectic lifestyles. A well-designed, luxurious bathroom is the ideal place where you can shut out the world and indulge yourself to emerge refreshed and invigorated to face a new day.

Older bathroom designs used to be focused on hard material such as stainless steel and glass. But now the designs tend towards the usage of softer materials which are functional as well as attractive.

Almost every new bathroom design has a bath included as the bathroom increasingly assumes prominence in the hierarchy of rooms in a home. People see bathrooms as a place to rest and relax, therefore luxurious fittings and fixtures have become the norm. Getting the the-beautiful-home help of professional designers to design the bathroom is also an emerging trend.

New Bathroom Fixtures

The basins in a bathroom come in all sizes, shapes, colors and finishes. They can be mounted on the wall or pedestal. The baths are assuming more importance than ever, tub designs have become increasingly luxurious and indulgent. The new toilets come fitted with water saving features. Some systems are designed in such a way that they use rain water to flush and some even have inbuilt features to eliminate the smells. The modern day showers also come with televisions and some are also self cleaning.

Bathrooms that Meet the Need of the Entire Family

When you are getting new bathroom fixtures always ensure that they meet the needs of everyone in the house who would be using them. When you design a bathroom for your new home ask a few questions, and spend some time in thinking the design through so that the end result is both functional, visually appealing and can be used by everyone.

First you need to answer who will be using the space. A family bath must necessarily accommodate two people at the same time. The space should be planned in such a way that two sinks can be accommodated. To enhance privacy and to avoid bumping into each other too much, the design can isolate toilets from the shower, sinks and bathtubs.

Design master bathrooms with adequate space for luxury fittings. You may even want to consider space for an oversized chair where you can read and relax.

Design guest bathrooms giving priority to storage rather than luxury, but without sacrificing comfort.

Children’s bathrooms need to be adaptable; they need to grow along with the children. They also need safety features.
If you have elderly or disabled family members, consider their special needs as well. You may also need to consider the preference of users, such as whether they prefer showering or bathing, and ensure that the fixtures adequately cater to the preferences.

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